Beautiful Traditional Pakistani Dresses

Pakistani dresses represent the ancient civilization trends. Each province has unique costumes. These dresses represent the traditional and culture of Punjab,Sindhi,pashton, baloch and Kashmirs.

Nowadays Pakistani youngster adopt the western fashion. But they didn’t forget their culture and they will wear in their special functions. Pakistani youth not drop their old culture and traditions.

Traditional Pakistani Dresses

  • Shalwar Kameez
  • Sheerwani
  • Kurta Suit
  • Waistcoat
  • Sindhi Ajrak
  • Peshawari Pagri
  • Peshawari Chapal
  • Dhoti
  • Balochi Dress
  • Khusa Shoe

Shalwar Kameez

Traditional Pakistani dresses shalwar kameez

This outfit is commonly used in all over the country. Shalwar Kameez is national outfit of Pakistan. It is loose type costume with beautiful designs and good color matching. Not only men but women also wear this suit. With the passage of time it has advance level with beautiful designs.



Sheerwani is prominent dress for men. This special suit wear on a special event. It is tradition in Pakistan when a man get marriage. He wears on his marriage ceremony. But this Pakistani dress is expensive because a heavy work on it.

Kurta Suit

kurta suit

This is also commonly used all over the country. It is quite little different from shalwar kameez. On kameez there is a little art work around the collar. In kurta, there is a color combination between salwar and kameez. You can see in a picture that it has color combination of olive green kurta with white salwar.

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Waist Coat

waist coat

Another beautiful Pakistani dresses trend. This is used on salwar kameez or kurta suit. It is used on special events.

Sindhi Ajrak

sindhi ajrak topi

Sindhi Ajrak is the symbol of pride in sindh province. It is a type of shawl which is use as pagree and also twisted ajrak around their neck or shoulder. No one disrespect this thing in sindh. A respectful piece of cloth for sindhi people.

Peshawari Pagree

peshawari pagri

This rolled pagree is the pride symbol in Peshawar. Almost every men wear this pagree especially older people wear this thing. It increase the personality of a man and it is also Islamic culture.

Peshawari Chapal

peshawari chapal

This chapal is most common used in Peshawar. It is also used other provinces of Pakistan. The famous leader Imran khan is also fond to wear peshawari chapl with sahlwar kameez. His followers are also wear this chapal because their leader has this kind of footwear.



This dress consider most comfortable for olders. This is widely used among the old people. They feel relax in dhoti. It is common in Punjab. It is easy to wear to those who on old stage.

Balochi Dress

balochi dress

loose shalwar with ghagra type kameez. with this a pug on head and a balochi waistcoat. Balochi tradition is very old and also attractive fashion. They follow many years from their ancestors.


khusa shoe

This is one of my favorite tradition. It is a footwear which is wear by both men and women. It mostly used in Punjab province. Mostly used in marriage ceremonies.

Moreover traditional Pakistani dresses, Pakistanis additionally wear western clothing including shirts, pants, and so on.


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